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Moving on: Join us at Light Reading Broadband
Broadband World News  
10/25/2022   Post a comment
The Broadband World News website will remain active and its archive accessible, but our team's broadband policy and tech coverage is now found at Light Reading Broadband.
AT&T's fiber sub base surpasses its 'non-fiber' base
Broadband World News  
10/21/2022   Post a comment
AT&T added 338,000 fiber subs in Q3 for a total of 6.93 million, nudging it past its 6.86 million 'non-fiber' subs. Meanwhile, CEO John Stankey is mum on a reported fiber JV in the works, but says he's 'open to new ideas.'
FiberLight CEO's vision extends beyond core connectivity
Broadband World News  
10/18/2022   Post a comment
Chris Rabii, a former exec with Cablevision Lightpath and Altice Business, explains how FiberLight aims to blend core connectivity more tightly with services and how the middle-mile could be its path into rural broadband funding projects.
Google Fiber to launch 5-Gig and 8-Gig speed tiers in early 2023
Broadband World News  
10/14/2022   Post a comment
Google Fiber will test its new, symmetrical multi-gig tiers in a set of markets next month. Its new 5-Gig will sell for $125 per month, and the 8-Gig option will go for $150 per month.
The Buildout: AT&T live in rural Indiana, Treasury awards $435M for broadband
Broadband World News  
10/7/2022   Post a comment
This week in broadband builds: AT&T live in rural Indiana; Treasury awards $435 million to three states; FastBridge, Metronet, Magellan break ground; Alabama co-ops get millions for middle mile; more GREAT grants for Spectrum.
Louisiana rejects Sparklight protest of Conexon's broadband grant
Broadband World News  
10/6/2022   Post a comment
'Sparklight has not satisfied its burden of proof to establish that it provides reliable service to the applied-for areas,' said Veneeth Iyengar, executive director of Louisiana's broadband office.
The Divide: LiveOak's Steve Smith on getting fiber-ready in Florida and Georgia
Broadband World News  
10/6/2022   Post a comment
This week: LiveOak Fiber's Steve Smith joins the show to discuss the company's plans to build out fiber to 80,000 homes and businesses on the Emerald Coast of Florida and the Golden Isles of Georgia.
NTIA receives $5.5B in grant requests for $1B middle mile fund
Broadband World News  
10/5/2022   Post a comment
NTIA said it received over 235 applications worth $5.5 billion for the $1 billion middle mile fund and will issue grants 'no earlier' than March 2023.
FWA advocates 'greatly disappointed' in Newsom veto on broadband bill
Broadband World News  
10/5/2022   Post a comment
California's governor vetoed a bill that would have helped wireless providers get broadband grants. But WISPA is seeking clarification on funding rules for FWA.
Mississippi's ACE Power to offer fiber technician training program
Broadband World News  
10/4/2022   Post a comment
ACE Power will offer the Fiber Broadband Association's OpTIC Path course later this year to train new and existing employees for a fiber expansion project.
US-made products for middle mile builds 'not available' – NTIA
Broadband World News  
10/3/2022   Post a comment
NTIA proposed a limited waiver on 'Build America, Buy America' rules for middle mile broadband grants. Comments on the proposal are due October 3.
MTA boosts latency, resilience with fiber route to Chicago
Broadband World News  
9/30/2022   Post a comment
Matanuska Telecom Association recently launched a new leg of its terrestrial fiber network connecting Alaska and Chicago. Execs said it was necessary to 'avoid the Pacific Northwest.'
Google Fiber is about to go big with the Gigs
Broadband World News  
9/28/2022   Post a comment
Touting a 20-Gig test and 'journey' toward a symmetrical 100-Gig future, Google Fiber plans to 'dramatically expand our multi-gigabit tiers' in the coming months, says unit CEO Dinni Jain.
The Buildout: More 'GREAT' news for Spectrum, Yellowstone Fiber goes live
Broadband World News  
9/23/2022   Post a comment
This week in broadband builds: Spectrum gets millions more in 'GREAT' grants; ReConnect awards $502 million; Yellowstone Fiber live in Montana; NTIA awards $29 million for Alaskan tribes; Cajun Broadband breaks ground – and more.
The Divide: Ziply VP chats rural fiber builds, permit reforms and micro-trenching
Broadband World News  
9/22/2022   Post a comment
This week: Jessica Epley, vice president of regulatory and external affairs at Ziply Fiber, joins the podcast to discuss the company's rural buildouts, federal funding and why permit reform is one key to closing the digital divide.
California bill would let wireless in on broadband grants
Broadband World News  
9/19/2022   Post a comment
Wireless industry is pushing California Governor Gavin Newsom to sign a bill enabling the state to award broadband grants on a 'technology-neutral basis.'
Sparklight 'persisting' with grant challenge to Conexon in Louisiana
Broadband World News  
9/16/2022   Post a comment
Despite outcry from the East Carroll community, Cable One says Sparklight will persist with challenging Conexon's $4 million grant to build broadband.
Why AT&T's fiber gambit in Phoenix is worth watching
Broadband World News  
9/15/2022   Post a comment
AT&T said it plans to offer 5 Gbit/s fiber services across 100,000 homes in a Phoenix suburb. The effort represents a new gambit by AT&T, which previously only built fiber in its existing copper markets.
Fiber upgrades 'the right thing to do' – Altice USA CEO
Broadband World News  
9/14/2022   Post a comment
Altice USA's plan to upgrade millions of homes to fiber in both urban and rural settings set up the company to drive down opex costs and escalate subscriber gains and broadband ARPU, Altice USA CEO Dexter Goei said.
The Buildout: Tennessee awards $447M for broadband
Broadband World News  
9/13/2022   Post a comment
This week in broadband builds: Tennessee doles out $447 million; Brightspeed, Charter, and Lumos win in North Carolina; Redzone runs on ngFWA in Maine.
Ziply Fiber raises $450M for greenfields and 'edge-outs'
Broadband World News  
9/12/2022   Post a comment
Ziply Fiber CEO Harold Zeitz says the company is exploring additional opportunities to build fiber networks in the northwestern US that will span 'hundreds of thousands' of new homes and businesses.
FWA not 'good enough' for the long term, AT&T CFO says
Broadband World News  
9/8/2022   Post a comment
Fixed wireless access has potential in targeted instances where fiber buildouts are economically unattractive, but AT&T will continue to place big bets on fiber buildouts, says company CFO Pascal Desroches.
NTIA grants will fund 'a lot of non-fiber technology,' says Alan Davidson
Broadband World News  
9/7/2022   Post a comment
The NTIA chief said while much funding will go to fiber, grants will fund a 'healthy mix' of broadband technology. But whether they do is up to the states.
Liberty Global JV kicks off fiber network construction in Germany
Broadband World News  
9/5/2022   Post a comment
With a focus on greenfield areas, Liberty Networks Germany expects to start connecting customers by the end of 2022 and sell broadband services under the 'helloFiber' brand.
UK to bus in 'thousands' of foreign workers for fiber – report
Broadband World News  
8/31/2022   Post a comment
Home secretary Priti Patel willing to fast track skilled workers through the immigration system to speed up deployment of 'gigabit-capable' networks.
Navajo Nation urges FCC to approve Sacred Wind sale to ATN
Broadband World News  
8/30/2022   Post a comment
Navajo representatives told the FCC that ATN's acquisition of Sacred Wind will 'greatly benefit the Navajo People' and accelerate broadband expansion to unserved regions.
Corning, AT&T to build a new plant for fiber optical cable
Broadband World News  
8/30/2022   Post a comment
With financial help from AT&T, Corning's plant near Phoenix is expected to open in 2024, support about 250 jobs and add critical capacity amid record demand for fiber.
The Buildout: Charter, Comcast get millions in Alabama, NTIA awards $280M to tribes, Vexus in Texas
Broadband World News  
8/29/2022   Post a comment
This week in broadband builds: Charter, Comcast get millions in Alabama; NTIA awards $280 million for tribal networks; TDS construction in Idaho; Brightspeed's plans for Illinois and Michigan; and more.
Google Fiber's expansion plan hits speed bump as Vermont deal crumbles
Broadband World News  
8/29/2022   Post a comment
Google Fiber has halted negotiations on a proposed project after determining that one of its partners could not execute on a plan to build fiber to a minimum of 42,000 homes in northwestern Vermont.
EPB unleashes 25-Gig service... for $1,500 per month
Broadband World News  
8/26/2022   Post a comment
The municipal fiber provider's new 25-Gig speed tier more than doubles the speed of its high-end tier. While the residential offering fetches $1,500 per month, the commercial version goes for $12,500.
Magenta Telekom forms €1B fiber JV with Meridiam
Broadband World News  
8/24/2022   Post a comment
The Austrian and French partners plan to pass 650,000 premises with a new FTTH network in Austria.
Investor interest in fiber hot as 'open access networks' come into focus
Broadband World News  
8/22/2022   Post a comment
Jay Rolls and David Strauss of Broadband Success Partners talk industry M&A, 'open access networks,' cable's various network upgrade paths and fixed wireless access.
Rural ISPs struggling to meet FCC mapping deadline
Broadband World News  
8/18/2022   Post a comment
Small ISPs are scrambling to meet a September 1 deadline to submit coverage data to the FCC, or risk being locked out of the $42.5 billion BEAD program.
The Buildout: Kinetic in Kentucky, Meta's Cleveland collab, Charter completes $3M CARES Act build
Broadband World News  
8/17/2022   Post a comment
This week in broadband builds: Charter goes live with RDOF and CARES Act builds; Meta supports DigitalC's fixed-wireless service; Cisco gets in on Neighborhood Wi-Fi; Kinetic and Conexon build in Kentucky; Brightspeed in Arkansas; Glo Fiber in Pennsylvania.
US cable broadband thrown for a loss, for the first time, in Q2
Broadband World News  
8/15/2022   Post a comment
Top US cable operators swung to a first-ever loss of broadband subs in Q2 2022. Alongside that loss of 60,000 subs, fixed wireless providers gained more than 800,000 customers in the period, according to LRG.
The Divide: How a co-op is solving 'the broadband problem' in rural Georgia
Broadband World News  
8/12/2022   Post a comment
This episode features Conexon's Jonathan Chambers and Central Georgia EMC's Herschel Arant. We discuss their work delivering fiber broadband in Georgia, why rural customers are taking gig speeds and why co-ops are well placed to deliver on federal funding.
FCC commissioner 'surprised' to learn of Starlink RDOF rejection
Broadband World News  
8/11/2022   Post a comment
The FCC denied RDOF awards for Starlink and LTD, prompting cheers from the fiber industry and jeers from a fellow FCC commissioner, who said he learned the news while 'on a work trip.'
Frontier keeps supply chain constraints at bay, sets another fiber buildout record
Broadband World News  
8/9/2022   Post a comment
With fiber subscriber adds holding steady at 50,000, Frontier said it passed a record 281,000 new locations with fiber in Q2 2022. The telco also has raised its original 2022 build target by as much as 20%.
WOW keeps early mobile results close to the vest
Broadband World News  
8/9/2022   Post a comment
WOW reported solid broadband subscriber gains in the second quarter of the year, but lowered its broadband subscriber forecast for full 2022. The company did not provide firm figures on its recent mobile launch.
'Buy America' rules have broadband industry on edge
Broadband World News  
8/8/2022   Post a comment
Many in the industry have been raising concerns about the federal government's 'Buy America' rules for subsidized broadband builds. But some also see an opportunity.
The Buildout: Charter, Windstream win in North Carolina, Comcast gets $10M in Baltimore, Lumen launches 8 Gbit/s
Broadband World News  
8/5/2022   Post a comment
This week in broadband builds: Charter and Windstream win in North Carolina; Comcast gets $10 million in Maryland; Lumen launches 8 Gbit/s; Internet Society awards EPIC grants. Plus construction and launches from Fidium Fiber, Brightspeed, Metronet and more.
Fueled by fiber, Adtran forecasts a 'very bright future'
Broadband World News  
8/5/2022   Post a comment
Adtran reported a strong Q2, fueled by fiber investments in the US and Europe. But supply chain constraints 'have negatively impacted our profitability,' said CEO Tom Stanton.
Consolidated breaks fiber records, makes recession jokes
Broadband World News  
8/3/2022   Post a comment
Consolidated Communications achieved net-positive broadband connections for the first time in seven years and disclosed a $490 million plan to sell its stake in five wireless partnerships to fund its fiber build.
Yellowstone Fiber sees no 'rational ROI' in rural Montana without federal funds
Broadband World News  
8/1/2022   Post a comment
As Yellowstone Fiber builds out its open access network in Gallatin County, Montana, the company is now looking to ARPA and BEAD grants to reach the most unserved parts of the region.
The Buildout: Charter nets millions in Louisiana, Consolidated goes to Washington, and more
Broadband World News  
7/28/2022   Post a comment
This week in broadband builds: Starry goes to Vegas; USDA doles out $401M; Florida co-op enlists Conexon; AT&T, Comcast, Charter get GUMBO grants; Consolidated's construction in Ellensburg, Washington; Metronet declares Greencastle a 'gigabit city'; Brightspeed's plans for Pennsylvania.
BEAD's high-cost threshold 'key area' of concern for fiber advocates
Broadband World News  
7/27/2022   Post a comment
While NTIA's notice of funding opportunity prioritizes fiber builds for those applying for BEAD grants, a 'high-cost threshold' exception has been a point of concern for fiber advocates.
Calix goes all in on 'significant opportunity' in US
Broadband World News  
7/26/2022   Post a comment
Calix reported 20% annual revenue growth and a 33% increase in US revenue, driven by 'significant opportunity ahead.' Still, said execs, the supply chain remains 'a war every day.'
LTD Broadband may lose RDOF funding in Minnesota
Broadband World News  
7/21/2022   Post a comment
The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission ordered an investigation into LTD's status as an eligible telecommunications carrier (ETC), putting more of its RDOF dollars at risk.
The Build Out: Mercury Broadband gets $62M through RDOF for Midwest build
Broadband World News  
7/19/2022   Post a comment
This week in broadband builds: Mercury Broadband's RDOF plans; Spectrum live in Dona Ana; SiFi, Google Fiber to build Mesa open access network; Fidium live in Concord; Brightspeed's Missouri build.
'Completely backwards.' Skeptics fret over federal broadband map
Broadband World News  
7/6/2022   Post a comment
The FCC opened its broadband data collection system to service providers. But some are worried the lengthy mapping process will leave behind those who need service the most.
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Charter has sparked RDOF work in all 24 states where it won bids. The cable op booked about $19 million in RDOF revenues in Q1, and expects to have about $9 million per month come in over the next ten years.
As we have for the past two years, Light Reading will stage the Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies conference as a free digital event over two half-days in mid-March.
Launch of 2-Gig and 5-Gig FTTP tiers in 70-plus markets puts more pressure on cable ops to enhance their existing DOCSIS 3.1 network or accelerate their upgrade activity centered on the new DOCSIS 4.0 specs.
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