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The Divide: Connected Nation's Heather Gate on maps, grants and the 'future-proof' fallacy
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7/1/2022   Post a comment
Heather Gate, vice president of digital inclusion at Connected Nation, joins the podcast to discuss collaborating with states on broadband maps and grant requests, and why she dislikes the phrase 'future proof.'
Here are seven questions dogging the FCC's broadband 'nutrition labels'
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6/29/2022   Post a comment
The FCC wants broadband providers to display easy-to-understand labels to allow consumers to comparison shop for broadband services. But creating broadband labels isn't straightforward.
New York broadband map reveals disparities
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6/28/2022   Post a comment
A broadband map commissioned by New York shows 97.4% of the state is considered 'served,' but it also exposes regional gaps and economic disparities.
Biden's net neutrality strategy looks doomed
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6/27/2022   Post a comment
It's been around 250 days since President Biden nominated Gigi Sohn as the fifth FCC commissioner. Now, it looks increasingly likely that she will never be approved into the agency.
'Robust' broadband choice squashes need for regulation, says trade group
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6/23/2022   Post a comment
Study from ACA Connects argues that the case for new regulations has 'vanished' amid 'robust' broadband growth and competition.
The Divide: Ready's Scott Woods on what NTIA got right and wrong with BEAD
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6/23/2022   Post a comment
Scott Woods, VP of community engagement at Ready, and a former NTIA official, joins the podcast to discuss the federal government's broadband grants and how Ready is helping ISPs prepare for funding opportunities.
LTD bails on RDOF buildout in California
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6/22/2022   Post a comment
LTD was the big winner in the FCC's RDOF program. But 18 months later, the company still has not received any money through the effort. Now, it is exiting the California market.
Broadband administration jobs abound across US
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6/22/2022   Post a comment
Federal, state and local offices are hiring for a range of positions to manage billions of dollars in broadband grants.
Utility operators see a future in fiber broadband
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6/21/2022   Post a comment
Panelists from utility providers joined the Fiber Broadband Association to discuss benefits of deploying fiber and where they see their role in closing the digital divide.
ConnectMaine's Peggy Schaffer on the challenges with federal funding
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6/20/2022   Post a comment
Peggy Schaffer, executive director of ConnectMaine, discusses the work her team has done to tackle Maine's digital divide, and the pressure ramping up on state offices as they prepare to apply for billions in federal broadband grants.
WISPs freak over guidelines that may exclude FWA in unlicensed spectrum
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6/20/2022   Post a comment
'Unlicensed spectrum remains a critical tool for closing the digital divide. Removing it from the proverbial toolkit will mean fewer providers at the table,' argued wireless Internet provider Nextlink.
Craighead Electric's Jeremiah Sloan on lighting up Arkansas with fiber
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6/17/2022   Post a comment
Jeremiah Sloan, CEO, Craighead Electric, discusses the co-op's work in rural Arkansas and a new partnership with electric co-ops across the state to deliver a wholesale fiber network.
CostQuest counts 23-25M homes, businesses unserved or underserved by broadband
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6/15/2022   Post a comment
James Stegeman, CEO of CostQuest, discusses his company's work with the FCC on a forthcoming federal broadband map that will determine how billions in broadband grant funding gets divided amongst US states and territories.
Virginia's broadband director on using BEAD funding to close the digital divide
Broadband World News Video  
6/14/2022   Post a comment
Dr. Tamarah Holmes, director of the office of broadband for the state of Virginia, discusses how the state has ramped up broadband infrastructure investments over the years, its work on broadband mapping and how forthcoming BEAD funding can help the state expand its efforts to close the digital divide.
Four forces driving 1-Gig as 'new global standard' – report
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6/13/2022   Post a comment
Consumer demand, operator technology upgrades, marketing and high levels of investment are all contributing to 1-Gig growth globally, says analyst firm Omdia.
NTIA chief defends broadband rules in Senate hearing
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6/10/2022   Post a comment
Broadband rules also drew criticism from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) which called NTIA's fiber focus 'contrary to Congress' tech-neutral design' of the infrastructure law.
Reliability paramount in home broadband, former Comcast CTO says
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6/9/2022   Post a comment
Multi-gigabit speeds to the home is on trend, but 'massive reliability' across every link in the local area network is critical, says Plume board appointee Tony Werner.
The Divide: Why Dryden, New York, chose municipal fiber
Broadband World News Video  
6/9/2022   Post a comment
Jason Leifer, Dryden Town Supervisor; Ryan Garrison, director of technology at HUNT Engineers, Architects & Surveyors; and Gina Nienaber, director of portfolio marketing at Ciena, join the podcast to discuss Dryden Fiber: a new municipal fiber network being deployed in Tompkins County, New York.
Arkansas electric co-ops band together for bandwidth
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6/8/2022   Post a comment
Diamond State Networks, a collective of 13 electric cooperatives, hopes to become 'one of the biggest bandwidth aggregators in the country,' says Doug Maglothin, DSN's director of operations.
Hughes tries to bridge the digital divide in Mexico
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6/7/2022   Post a comment
Hughes Network Systems is teaming with a handful of partners to bring satellite broadband connectivity to more than 7,200 sites in rural, underserved parts of Mexico.
Cox to invest $400M in network to reach underserved areas
Broadband World News  
6/6/2022   Post a comment
Network expansion has become the name of the game in an industry that's been grappling with a slowing pace of broadband subscriber growth.
GAO: US needs a national broadband strategy
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6/3/2022   Post a comment
A new study counts over 100 broadband programs administered by 15 agencies and calls the federal approach to closing the digital divide 'fragmented and overlapping.'
How broadband funds can help students and the US workforce
Broadband World News  
6/2/2022   Post a comment
During an event hosted by SIIA, broadband and policy experts discussed how funds and programs in the infrastructure law can close the digital divide for students and workers. Watch the panel here, moderated by Broadband World News site editor Nicole Ferraro.
ViaSat-3 satellite service launch slips to early 2023
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6/1/2022   Post a comment
A delay on the first of three new high-capacity satellites poised to provide global coverage will briefly push out Viasat's plan to add critical capacity to its residential satellite broadband service.
All systems go for Starlink in Philippines
Broadband World News  
5/30/2022   Post a comment
National telecoms regulator awards VAS license to Elon Musk's LEO satellite broadband company.
The Divide: WeLink's John Paul Farmer on bringing affordable broadband to cities
Broadband World News Video  
5/27/2022   Post a comment
John Paul Farmer, chief innovation officer at WeLink Cities, and former CTO of New York City, joins the podcast to discuss the fixed wireless technology WeLink is using to deploy broadband and the company's new $100 million Cities Challenge.
Avanti Communications, Free in Senegal sign landmark satellite deal
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5/26/2022   Post a comment
New gateway will extend satellite coverage to Senegal as well as its West African neighbors of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Gambia and Liberia.
Alan Davidson: Broadband is 'this generation's infrastructure project'
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5/24/2022   Post a comment
NTIA's Alan Davidson shed more light on the recently released rules for $45 billion in broadband grants, addressing potential burdens on small providers, waivers for 'Buy American' rules and more.
The Divide: How rural electric co-ops like Tri-Co are closing deep broadband gaps
Broadband World News Video  
5/20/2022   Post a comment
This episode features Elizabeth Page, national sales director at Ribbon Communications, and Aaron Young, chief operating officer at Tri-Co Connections, a fiber broadband provider in rural Pennsylvania powered by Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative.
Consumer advocates push for ISP nutrition label to appear on monthly bills
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5/16/2022   Post a comment
Groups including Consumer Reports and Next Century Cities are calling on the FCC to add the forthcoming broadband nutrition label to customers' monthly bills for ease of access.
US government kicks off $45B in broadband funding
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5/13/2022   Post a comment
The NTIA opened its notices of funding opportunity for states and territories to apply for funding through three broadband programs worth $45 billion.
The Divide: Closing the broadband adoption gap in Charlotte, North Carolina
Broadband World News Video  
5/12/2022   Post a comment
This episode features Rachel Mukai Stark, smart cities program manager for the city of Charlotte, North Carolina; and Bruce Clark, executive director for the Center for Digital Equity at Queen's University of Charlotte. We discuss the challenge of broadband adoption in Charlotte, the city's roadmap to closing the digital divide, the importance of digital training and more.
World Bank pledges $200M for Ghana's digital transformation
Broadband World News  
5/11/2022   Post a comment
The Ghana Digital Acceleration Project gets a green light after a massive cash injection from the World Bank, which will help expand broadband access in the West African country.
WOW doubles greenfield fiber buildout commitment
Broadband World News  
5/10/2022   Post a comment
Service developed with Reach Mobile will launch in one of WOW's southern markets in May. Meanwhile, WOW's greenfield fiber network plan has been expanded to 400,000 homes passed.
White House touts ISP commitments to increase affordable access
Broadband World News  
5/9/2022   Post a comment
But consumer advocacy group Free Press argues that some of the broadband providers on that list are the same ones 'sabotaging President Biden's FCC.'
The Divide: How UniCity's public Wi-Fi partnerships help connect communities
Broadband World News Video  
5/5/2022   Post a comment
This episode features John Putnam, director of UniCity – the smart city division at Cincinnati Bell, now known as Altafiber. We discuss UniCity's 3,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots and how the division engages partners on providing connectivity, digital training services and more.
FCC unleashes $200M for RDOF as new bill would regulate how Commission vets ISPs
Broadband World News  
5/4/2022   Post a comment
The Rural Broadband Protection Act would 'require a more thorough vetting and verification process for internet service providers seeking to participate in the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) high-cost programs.'
Charter starts to book RDOF revenues
Jeff Baumgartner  
4/29/2022   Post a comment
Charter has sparked RDOF work in all 24 states where it won bids. The cable op booked about $19 million in RDOF revenues in Q1, and expects to have about $9 million per month come in over the next ten years.
Gigi Sohn 'rural' opposition may be an excuse to thwart Title II
Broadband World News  
4/29/2022   Post a comment
Potential ties between ISPs and a new campaign to squash Gigi Sohn's nomination for FCC Commissioner suggest a lobbying effort to derail Title II regulations, says Blair Levin, who served as chief of staff to former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt.
The Divide: How Yellowstone Fiber plans to boost broadband choice in Bozeman
Broadband World News Video  
4/27/2022   Post a comment
This episode features Greg Metzger, CEO, Yellowstone Fiber, and Kim McKinley, CMO, Utopia Fiber, discussing their open access fiber partnership in Bozeman, Montana, and where the open access model works best in the US.
Former Dem senator launches campaign to squash Gigi Sohn's FCC confirmation
Broadband World News  
4/25/2022   Post a comment
One Country Project, led by former Senator Heidi Heitkamp – a Democrat – is launching a campaign claiming that Sohn 'is the wrong choice for the FCC and rural America.'
Shentel seeks to drop some RDOF commitments in Virginia
Broadband World News  
4/22/2022   Post a comment
In a filing that highlights ongoing challenges with RDOF, Shentel asks to be relieved of commitments for eight census block groups where Virginia has awarded state funding. The state supports the petition.
The Divide: Render's Sam Pratt on using digital tools to close the digital divide
Broadband World News Video  
4/21/2022   Post a comment
Sam Pratt, CEO of Render Networks, a provider of geospatial network construction technology, joins the podcast to discuss his company's milestone of connecting over 1 million premises to fiber and what he's learned about the digital divide in the process.
In expanding FWA, Inland Cellular remains unafraid to try new things
Broadband World News  
4/20/2022   Post a comment
Inland Cellular rose to prominence with one of the only open RAN deployments in the US. Now the company is moving forward with a test of Meta's Terragraph technology in the 60GHz band.
Senators to Rosenworcel: Communities need clarity on RDOF
Broadband World News  
4/19/2022   Post a comment
Senators requested updates on the FCC's efforts to default ineligible bids, how they're collaborating on broadband funding across agencies and how rejected funds will be redistributed.
Tarana CEO Basil Alwan: Making WTF moments in FWA
Broadband World News Video  
4/18/2022   Post a comment
Tarana Wireless CEO Basil Alwan shares how his company, now worth more than $1 billion, has moved beyond small cell backhaul to helping service providers provide real broadband, all over the globe.
Comcast pitches smart solutions for clever cities
Broadband World News  
4/15/2022   Post a comment
Service providers won't stop believing in smart cities. The latest, Comcast, is keen to explain how its new business unit will monitor streetlights, people.
Consumer panel raises idea of 'consistency score' for broadband labels
Broadband World News  
4/14/2022   Post a comment
A recent hearing on the FCC's broadband nutrition labels showed that consumers may need more context around speed and uptime in order to make informed purchasing decisions.
The Divide: ACA's Matt Polka discusses unserved Americans' need for BEAD
Broadband World News Video  
4/13/2022   Post a comment
This week: Matt Polka, CEO of ACA Connects, on closing the digital divide in rural and suburban markets, and how the NTIA should write the final rules for its $42.45 billion BEAD grant program.
California taps Utopia Fiber as partner on open access network
Broadband World News  
4/13/2022   Post a comment
Utopia Fiber's partnership with California's Golden State Connect Authority comes following the state's passage of a $6 billion broadband bill with $3.25 billion for an open access, middle mile fiber network.
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Here's where you can find episode links for 'The Divide,' Light Reading's podcast series featuring conversations with broadband providers and policymakers working to close the digital divide.
As we have for the past two years, Light Reading will present our Cable Next-Gen Europe conference as a free digital symposium on June 21.
Charter has sparked RDOF work in all 24 states where it won bids. The cable op booked about $19 million in RDOF revenues in Q1, and expects to have about $9 million per month come in over the next ten years.
As we have for the past two years, Light Reading will stage the Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies conference as a free digital event over two half-days in mid-March.
Launch of 2-Gig and 5-Gig FTTP tiers in 70-plus markets puts more pressure on cable ops to enhance their existing DOCSIS 3.1 network or accelerate their upgrade activity centered on the new DOCSIS 4.0 specs.
Thursday, August 4, 2022
11:00 a.m. New York / 4:00 p.m. London

The digital divide in North America is leaving millions without adequate broadband. Incumbents operate in “islands” of connectivity, serving densely populated areas and, at a national scale, perpetuating the digital divide in the gaps in between their service footprints. Regional ISPs have a clear role in closing that gap.

These regional ISPs operate in a highly fragmented landscape, including smaller wireless and FTTH incumbents, satellite ISPs, electric co-ops, tribal communities, and municipalities in public/private partnerships. These regional ISPs face the same cyber threats and operational challenges as their Tier 1 counterparts, but with far fewer resources and revenue-generating population density. As a result, many regional ISPs have developed highly innovated business models for access and core technology, partnerships, financing and services.

The discussion will cover:

  • Three ISPs that have taken an innovative approach to their business, as detailed in a recent STL Partners report
  • Why regional ISPs need to double down on core security basics such as DDoS protection
  • How ISPs have created new revenue by offering managed services
  • Core network capabilities required for IPv4-IPv6 management

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