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FCC moves forward with broadband nutrition labels
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1/27/2022   Post a comment
The agency is mandated by the Biden administration's infrastructure law to adopt regulations for easy-to-understand labels that allow consumers to comparison shop for broadband services.
The Divide: How FibreONE is helping bring broadband infrastructure to rural Canada
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1/26/2022   Post a comment
This week, Tim Emoff, vice president of the telecom division at Sales Outsource Solutions, joins to discuss FibreONE: a coalition of telecom companies that have partnered to help deliver fiber infrastructure across rural Canada.
Charter picks El Paso as first RDOF launch market
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1/26/2022   Post a comment
Charter, which is still grappling with pole access issues in some areas, has launched gigabit broadband, mobile, TV and voice services via FTTP to more than 1,230 homes and small businesses in rural El Paso.
Rosenworcel wants to broaden broadband choice in multi-tenant buildings
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1/25/2022   Post a comment
The FCC said the new rules are in response to ISPs engaging in 'a pattern of new practices that inhibit competition' in apartment buildings and other multi-tenant environments.
Despite being 'constantly poor,' Starry shoots for substantial growth
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1/24/2022   Post a comment
The fixed wireless startup shifted all of its manufacturing to the US last year amid global supply chain woes. 'It's turning out to be a good offensive strategy,' said CEO Chet Kanojia.
The Divide: How Astranis plans to connect Peru with small satellites
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1/21/2022   Post a comment
John Gedmark, CEO of Astranis, joins the podcast to discuss the company's small satellite technology and its upcoming deployment to deliver 4G broadband to Peru.
Fiber fans focus on broadband bill legal language to push FTTH
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1/19/2022   Post a comment
While the Biden admin's $65 billion broadband bill takes a tech-neutral approach, EFF's Ernesto Falcon said it's the phrase 'easily' scalable that matters most to the fiber industry.
Italy wants to fling 3.7B of taxpayer funds at fiber
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1/19/2022   Post a comment
The government scheme may look wasteful to critics when Italy already looks on track for nationwide fiber coverage.
FCC sets final rules for $14.2B Affordable Connectivity Program
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1/18/2022   Post a comment
The new program aims to improve upon the Emergency Broadband Benefit program and serve as a long-term subsidy for eligible US households.
Where Internet shutdowns are contributing to the digital divide
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1/14/2022   Post a comment
Last year saw a 56% increase in global Internet disruptions, according to the Internet Society, with the largest number of shutdowns by far occurring in India.
The Divide: Shirley Bloomfield on bridging the 'rural-rural' divide
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1/13/2022   Post a comment
This week: Shirley Bloomfield, CEO of NTCA The Rural Broadband Association, on the challenges facing rural providers when it comes to network deployment and upkeep, and how federal funds from the infrastructure law can best be spent to close the digital divide in the most-underserved areas of the country.
Alan Davidson confirmed as NTIA chief
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1/11/2022   Post a comment
Davidson's confirmation comes not a moment too soon, with the federal agency he now heads responsible for $48 billion in state broadband grant funding.
Fiber builds projected to accelerate through 2025 report
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1/11/2022   Post a comment
New report outlines the potential for record fiber growth over the next few years, but the ultimate outcome depends on how federal funds get spent.
UTOPIA Fiber adds two more cities to its open access network
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1/7/2022   Post a comment
Cedar Hills and Santa Clara are the latest cities in Utah to join UTOPIA's municipal open access fiber network, despite pushback from incumbents.
New York introduces $1B 'ConnectALL' broadband plan
Broadband World News  
1/6/2022   Post a comment
The multi-part plan includes efforts already underway, as well as new grant programs designed to support and expedite rural broadband access.
Biden's FCC, NTIA nominees stuck in the Senate
Broadband World News  
1/5/2022   Post a comment
Leaving the NTIA leaderless could delay progress on implementing billions in broadband funding at the state level.
Viasat tells FCC Starlink is 'at odds' with RDOF framework
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1/3/2022   Post a comment
In response, SpaceX filed a letter calling Viasat's complaint a 'sideshow' and said it is working with the commission to demonstrate it 'will meet all of its RDOF obligations.'
What we learned about the digital divide this year
Broadband World News  
12/30/2021   Post a comment
Key takeaways on industry infighting, muni networks, maps and more from 42 episodes of The Divide podcast.
Gigabit subscriptions set for 'big increase' next year Omdia
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12/28/2021   Post a comment
Led by China, analysts expect global gigabit subscriptions to reach 50 million in 2022, up from 24 million at the end of 2020.
NYC housing developments get people-powered broadband
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12/27/2021   Post a comment
Through the de Blasio administration's Internet Master Plan, local firms BlocPower and People's Choice Communications (PCC) are delivering low-cost broadband by and for the people of New York.
Rural broadband report talks up fiber, funding and supply constraints
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12/23/2021   Post a comment
Here are five of the most interesting things from the NTCA's recent survey and report on broadband availability in rural America.
From the digital divide to 6G, top regulatory trends to watch in 2022 Omdia
Broadband World News  
12/22/2021   Post a comment
The analyst firm points to trends it says will be 'at the heart of regulatory activity' next year, including spectrum licensing, the digital divide and yes 6G.
The Divide: Craig Settles on broadband funding and the need for accountability
Broadband World News  
12/21/2021   Post a comment
Broadband and telehealth consultant Craig Settles joins the podcast to discuss the details of the $65 billion broadband bill and why getting the rules around implementation right is crucial.
LightBox aims at states with new broadband location fabric
Broadband World News  
12/20/2021   Post a comment
The company says its enhanced nationwide location fabric provides more accurate broadband location data for states seeking to create their own maps. 'Every state is a potential customer,' said CEO Eric Frank.
The 'full fiber' vs. 'tech neutral' debate heats up in US
Broadband World News  
12/16/2021   Post a comment
Industry groups and policy advocates alike are sharpening their arguments for which technologies should be involved in closing the US digital divide.
Here's what the industry wants from the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program
Broadband World News  
12/15/2021   Post a comment
In public FCC filings, industry groups and ISPs provided input for how the new affordability subsidy, funded through the infrastructure bill, should be implemented and structured.
Research from Pew examines state broadband grant programs
Broadband World News  
12/14/2021   Post a comment
New studies from Pew Charitable Trusts look at how states have been funding broadband through their own grant programs, and how prepared they are to spend billions more in federal funds.
Liberty Global's helloFiber gets going in Germany
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12/13/2021   Post a comment
Touting a wide range of broadband products delivering up to 1-Gig, along with phone, mobile and TV add-ons, Liberty Networks Germany is initially targeting more than 7,000 homes and businesses in Brandenburg.
The Divide: FBA's Gary Bolton on taking fiber advocacy to the states
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12/10/2021   Post a comment
This week: Gary Bolton, president of the Fiber Broadband Association, returns to the podcast to discuss how the fiber industry's advocacy efforts are changing as the US implements its $65 billion broadband bill. We also discuss FBA's forthcoming fiber optic technician training program.
New research explores flaws with FCC's Emergency Broadband Benefit program
Broadband World News  
12/9/2021   Post a comment
BroadbandNow finds that the vast majority of eligible households have not signed up for the $50 broadband subsidy.
ECC Technologies hits the streets to map New York's broadband
Broadband World News  
12/8/2021   Post a comment
The project, mandated through the state's Comprehensive Broadband Connectivity Act, will result in a detailed Internet access map to be published in May 2022.
Jessica Rosenworcel confirmed for another FCC term
Broadband World News  
12/7/2021   Post a comment
Rosenworcel's official designation as chair (a position she's held in an acting capacity) makes her the first woman to helm the federal agency.
Virgin Media O2 completes gigabit upgrade
Broadband World News  
12/7/2021   Post a comment
The gigabit upgrade comes courtesy of DOCSIS 3.1, but VMO2 also has plans to build out full fiber by 2028.
Consumer groups, states join in support of New York's $15 broadband mandate
Broadband World News  
12/3/2021   Post a comment
A district court prevented the Affordable Broadband Act (ABA) from taking effect pending litigation brought by ISPs. Now states and advocacy groups are siding with New York on its appeal.
Senators press Sohn, Davidson on how they'll implement broadband bill
Broadband World News  
12/1/2021   Post a comment
With few legislative days left on the calendar, the US Senate Commerce Committee held a confirmation hearing on Wednesday for President Biden's nominees for NTIA head, Alan Davidson, and FCC Commissioner, Gigi Sohn.
The Divide: Digging into Pennsylvania's broadband map
Broadband World News  
12/1/2021   Post a comment
This week: Penn State Extension's Harry Crissy and Tom Beresnyak discuss how and why they created a broadband map for the state of Pennsylvania and how it's being used to address the digital divide.
Charter warns that pole access disputes could slow RDOF deployments
Jeff Baumgartner  
11/30/2021   Post a comment
Charter tells FCC that 'timely and non-discriminatory access' to utility poles is critical for RDOF buildouts. Meanwhile, Charter and an electrical co-op don't see eye-to-eye on a pole-related issue that has surfaced in Kentucky.
What's the story? The $22 billion Andromeda spectrum auction
Broadband World News  
11/29/2021   Post a comment
On this episode, we talk with Light Reading's Mike Dano about all things spectrum auctions, including the 'Andromeda' auction, which just wrapped up with $22 billion in bids. We also get into broadband mapping and how spectrum could be used to tackle the digital divide.
South Africa's digital migration on track for March 2022
Broadband World News  
11/26/2021   Post a comment
South Africa's Communications Minister has committed to completing the country's digital migration by the end of March 2022.
How Render uses geospatial data to get fiber builds up to speed
Broadband World News  
11/24/2021   Post a comment
The startup hopes its work on a fiber build for an Arkansas co-op, completed almost two years ahead of schedule, will make the case that these networks can be built more efficiently with the right tools.
Wireless industry report says 5G FWA could connect 43% of rural US
Broadband World News  
11/23/2021   Post a comment
A new industry report from Accenture, commissioned by CTIA, the wireless industry association, makes the case for serving the rural US with fixed wireless, noting that with billions available for broadband, it's 'key to acknowledge that 5G FWA is a future-proof technology.'
Broadband Bites: California picks first projects for open-access network
Broadband World News  
11/19/2021   Post a comment
Also in today's roundup: US broadband growth back to pre-pandemic levels; Nokia, Earthlink building broadband backbone in Iraq; Openreach passes 6 million with fiber; FCC proposes spectrum-sharing incentive program.
The Divide: Internet Society's Mark Buell on what's 'very good' and 'less good' in the broadband bill
Broadband World News  
11/18/2021   Post a comment
This week: Mark Buell, regional vice president for North America at the Internet Society, joins the podcast to discuss the impact the Biden administration's $65 billion broadband legislation will have on the digital divide in the US.
Rosenworcel fields questions on FCC's broadband map in Senate hearing
Broadband World News  
11/17/2021   Post a comment
In a confirmation hearing before the US Senate today, FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel discussed the agency's crucial work on broadband mapping and said it has selected a bidder for the national broadband serviceable location fabric.
Broadband Bites: Biden signs infrastructure bill with historic broadband investment
Broadband World News  
11/15/2021   Post a comment
Also in today's broadband roundup: UK plans infrastructure assessment; Vodafone and CityFibre take the next step; US Senate schedules Rosenworcel hearing.
Conexon Connect gets $435M in latest RDOF round to serve fiber through rural co-ops
Broadband World News  
11/12/2021   Post a comment
In the FCC's largest round of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) yet, which saw electric cooperatives as the walkaway winners, over $435 million was designated for Conexon Connect, a fiber ISP providing service through local co-ops.
The Divide: James Clark on preserving Native American culture with broadband
Broadband World News  
11/11/2021   Post a comment
This week on the podcast, we hear from James Clark, a fellow with the American Connection Corps (ACC), who is working with Mille Lacs Band tribal leadership to preserve his ancestors' Ojibwe language. We discuss that effort, along with the causes of the digital divide at Mille Lacs and what they and other Indigenous tribes need from policymakers.
Commerce Sec promises Fed oversight on state broadband plans
Broadband World News  
11/9/2021   Post a comment
US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said at a White House press briefing that closing the digital divide will be a 'massive undertaking' and shared details on oversight plans and requirements for state funding.
BT CEO predicts UK fiber victory but still unsure of final score
Broadband World News  
11/9/2021   Post a comment
The UK's broadband market is suddenly awash with fiber investors and a loss of share could be extremely damaging to the incumbent.
US House passes Biden's infrastructure bill with $65B for broadband
Broadband World News  
11/8/2021   Post a comment
The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act contains the federal government's largest investment in broadband, as well as key provisions around affordability and digital equity.
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