The Divide: Where fiber broadband deployment is (and isn't) progressing worldwide

Michael Philpott, research director at Omdia, joins the podcast to discuss Omdia's 2021 Global Fiber Development Index, tracking investments in fiber on a country-by-country basis. According to Omdia (a sister company to Light Reading), while the percentage of the global population that is connected to the Internet will increase from 58% to 70% by 2026, of that 70% only 40% will have access to a fixed-broadband connection.

Here are a few things covered in this podcast episode:

  • 04:57: How Singapore, South Korea and China are leading on fiber growth
  • 08:54: Why governments need to take a long-term view on fiber deployment
  • 10:45: Policy priorities for service providers

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Nicole Ferraro, site editor, Broadband World News; senior editor, global broadband coverage, Light Reading. Host of "The Divide" on the Light Reading Podcast.

2/7/2022 |
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